Guest Post on Funky Feminist

So honored to have a guest post appear on Funky Feminist, a site full of insightful and timely observations about everything from gender equality and race to facing your fears about menstrual cups. And kudos for the awesome graphic they posted with the article, which I have borrowed for this post.

My guest post on Funky Feminist addresses why some women discount the harassment and abuse they suffered, and why I hope all women eventually realize that “almost counts.”

Here’s the introduction to the article, which is titled In Sexual Harassment And Abuse, “Almost” Counts.

Society loves to ask victims of sexual harassment and abuse why they didn’t speak up sooner. There are myriad reasons of course: it’s too painful, they’re embarrassed, or they think it won’t do any good.

But many women don’t say anything because they discount their own experiences. By “discount” I mean assigning less value to something than it deserves.

With #MeToo and #TimesUp, this is changing. Women’s experiences are discounted less—by them and others—and validated more. But there are still many victims who haven’t spoken up or even acknowledged that their experiences mattered, maybe because it wasn’t “severe” enough. If you are one of them, this article is for you.

Read the full post here: In Sexual Harassment And Abuse, “Almost” Counts.

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