Mother’s Day, Newly Sprung Lilacs and Dog Vomit

purple lilacs, green background, mother's day

What, you might ask, does dog vomit have to do with Mother's Day? Newly sprung lilacs--OK, that fits, flowers being a hallmark of the Mother's Day holiday. But dog puke? Just a memorable moment from my Mother's Day in 2008, when my girls were quite young and one of the dogs apparently had an upset … Continue reading Mother’s Day, Newly Sprung Lilacs and Dog Vomit

A Sad State of 280 Characters

I had a harsh moment of self-awareness recently when I realized our world's sad state of addiction to Twitter-length "stories" of 280 characters had firmly entrenched its hooks in me. Since I was a little girl, I have loved to read. As an adult, with grown kids and more time on my hands, I read … Continue reading A Sad State of 280 Characters

Why I Hate “Women’s Fiction”

woman reading brown hair blue book white shirt

Let me clarify: I don't hate Women's Fiction. In fact, my most recently published novel, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, can be classified as Women's Fiction. I hate the term "Women's Fiction". Jodi Picoult - Master of Women's Fiction or just Master of Fiction? I don't understand why we need a genre of literature called "Women's … Continue reading Why I Hate “Women’s Fiction”

The Best Character Description Ever

cover of novel the gargoyle

I recently read The Gargoyle (Anchor Books, 2009) and am compelled to share one of author Andrew Davidson's character descriptions--one so amazing I had to re-read it right then and there, and immediately deemed it The Best Character Description Ever. Authors often struggle to find new and interesting ways to portray their characters as there … Continue reading The Best Character Description Ever

Earth Day, the Environment & Books

Happy Earth Day! I try to be optimistic about humankind's ability to turn around this climate crisis, and today's announcement out of Washington is encouraging. But let's be honest, we are in a crisis. Just ask the polar bears. Still, let's take today to celebrate the increasing global consciousness about the situation. Despite the bickering … Continue reading Earth Day, the Environment & Books