Pick-Me-Up Video: “The Weight”

This video — one of my favorite “pick-me-ups” — has nothing to do with my novels except that they all have a major feel-good factor!

Many of you will recognize the song, “The Weight”, by The Band. In this video, Robbie Robertson is joined by Ringo Starr and other musicians from all around the globe for an amazing, uplifting virtual jam of the song. The project was coordinated by Playing for Change.

It’s goosebump-worthy, IMHO. Anytime I need a little boost (or a break from writing), all I have to do is play this video to feel energized and better about myself/life/society/the world. If you need a pick-me-up, I hope it works for you too.

Fun fact: This was recorded before the coronavirus pandemic forced most entertainment online. It took two years to get the logistics and contributions right for this compilation piece of art.


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