Read Two Kinds of People in Smoky Quartz, the online journal of the Monadnock Writers Group. The short story offers a sneak peak introduction to Sunny and Buwan, two of the main characters in my forthcoming novel.


All books are available on Amazon (US), Amazon (UK) and Barnes & Noble. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is also available on IndieBound and, both of which support independent bookstores.

All books are available as paperbacks and ebooks. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is also available as an audiobook.

Adult Fiction:

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is an “entertaining story of female friendship and empowerment” in which two young women build their careers, romances and lives in Boston while struggling with damaging relationships. Read more here.

Middle Grade Fiction:

Shannon’s Odyssey, in which 11-year-old Shannon treks through acres of forest to find her long-lost Gran, meeting friendly and not-so-friendly wild animals and uncovering secrets about her family and herself along the way. Cover art by Natalie Simone. Read more here.

Young Adult Fiction:

Bit Players is the first book series for teen lovers of musical theatre and show choir.

Bit Players, Has-Been Actors and Other Posers takes you deep into the heart of a high school drama program with its creativity, camaraderie, politics and, well, drama. Join Sadie Perkins and the Crudup High School Drama Club as they create an original musical based on Twilight. Romance and intrigue abound. Read more here.

In Bit Players, Bullies and Righteous Rebels, Sadie and her friends turn the classic novel Wuthering Heights into a contemporary musical, but the production is threatened when an anonymous homophobe starts bullying Foster, the play’s lead. Read more here.

In Bit Players, Bird Girls and Fake Break-Ups, the new drama club director hijacks the student play–a satire of the beloved Seussical, college applications loom, and Sadie’s boyfriend Alex moves in with her family, which is not nearly as fun as it sounds. Read more here.