Join Sadie Perkins in her quest for a lead role, as the Crudup High School drama club makes its own musical out of Twilight. Intrigue abounds. Why does Sadie’s rival Lucey really get the role of Bella? What’s behind foreign exchange student Nigel’s interest in high school theatre? And where does the show’s director, Mr. Ellison, disappear to three days before opening night?

With everything falling apart, can the cast even pull off the show?

“The characters were well developed, three-dimensional people I cared more and more about as I read this novel.” 

Kathy J.

Praise for Bit Players, Has-Been Actors and Other Posers

“The teen voices struck just the right chord and the issues all high school juniors and seniors deal with were mentioned but not dwelt upon. This was a fun read, I could not wait to see what happened next. I will definitely add it to my YA collection.” — Kathy J. (librarian)

“It’s nice to read a book geared towards young adults that isn’t full of sex and murder. There’s mystery, romance, and theatre! How could you go wrong? I especially loved singing along throughout the book. Wonderful!” — Morgan Smith

“I really like this book. The teens are so much like kids at my school that they seem like real friends, and I want to know them even better. I love the theater, especially musicals, and there aren’t many books on that subject. The plot moves fast, and it’s a fun read.” — Maybelle

Excerpt from Bit Players, Has-Been Actors and Other Posers

I always cry when a show ends. After weeks or months of rehearsing together – four weeks in the case of Dayton Community Theater’s summer camp production of Oklahoma – boom! You’re suddenly cut off from your show life and friends, just like that. Who cares that you eyed the other actors suspiciously the first day of rehearsal, wondering who was a better singer or dancer than you? Since then, we’ve all bonded to the point where we want the others to succeed – for the most part, anyway.

No more membership in the secret club of cast members — a club where we share private jokes, have special access to backstage areas, and treasure intangible connections built over the past month. Staying in touch on Facebook isn’t the same. In normal life, we’re just normal kids doing normal things. When we’re creating a show, we’re doing something special.

When a show ends, I feel less than alive, like something vital is missing from the world. For a few days, my body will actually sizzle with leftover energy, the way I figure a tree must feel in the wake of a lightning strike. I crave a feeling I know I won’t have again.

Until the next show.

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