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Why I Hate “Women’s Fiction”

woman reading brown hair blue book white shirt

Let me clarify: I don't hate Women's Fiction. In fact, my most recently published novel, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, can be classified as Women's Fiction. I hate the term "Women's Fiction". Jodi Picoult - Master of Women's Fiction or just Master of Fiction? I don't understand why we need a genre of literature called "Women's … Continue reading Why I Hate “Women’s Fiction”

Fun Photo Friday: Catchin’ Flies

Maybe you have to be a dog-lover to appreciate today's Fun Photo Friday post, which is actually a video...Below is my dog Korra just-a-catchin' flies. To be accurate, horseflies. Can you blame her? It's either that or let them dive-bomb and bite her. Apologies to any entomologists offended by this blatant display of destruction. … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: Catchin’ Flies

Audiobook Review: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

screenshot audiobook review site novel

Saying I've been absorbed in my work-in-progress would be an understatement considering I only this week caught up with The Audiobook Review's post on Horseshoes and Hand Grenades! Their thorough review of the audiobook version of my novel was posted in February. (The audiobook was released in January 2021.) Nothing is more fulfilling than having … Continue reading Audiobook Review: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Fun Photo Friday: Scorpion Petting

Today's Fun Photo Friday features an image hysterical to most authors I know. Hopefully others will enjoy it too! Scorpion petting. Who came up with that? But it's so spot on. It's hard to quantify how important reader reviews are to authors in this Internet day and age. In fact, some book-focused newsletters and websites … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: Scorpion Petting

A Spectacularly Spooky Read

book cover black-and-white spooky man

Congratulations to fellow TouchPoint Press author M.T. Maliha for releasing another spectacularly spooky read--Betwixted, the final installment in her Waverly Estates trilogy. Maliha is a wonderful storyteller. Betwixted grabbed me from Chapter 1 as the plot went into high gear immediately. Every chapter provides a spooky, eerie chill, and the mystery and intrigue build right … Continue reading A Spectacularly Spooky Read

Fun Photo Friday: Introverts, Unite!

cartoon comic on introverts

This Friday's Fun Photo is highly amusing to me. Hopefully it is also funny to introverts around the world and maybe even extroverts. 🙂 I find people fascinating and I generally love interacting with them, albeit in small groups. But my daughter once told me the true definition of an introvert is someone who recharges … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: Introverts, Unite!