• Women in Leggings
    When my two daughters were in middle and high school, I struggled with the correct advice to give them regarding their clothes. Yes, they should have been allowed to wear what they liked without boys or men taking their attire as some sort of invitation. But I didn’t want them to cross the line into inappropriate attire. I think that’s a societal view, not a gender-based one. If I had sons who showed too much flesh for the situation, I would have had a problem with that too. Carrie Campbell does a much better job than I in putting this into perspective, in this piece she wrote for the Seattle Times.
    smiling woman during night time
    Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius on Pexels.com
  • Samantha Bee Does It Again

    Gotta love Samantha Bee! She provides a forum for workplace sexual harassment victims who also happen to be stellar animators to tell their story how? With animation of course!

    The strength in numbers / sisterhood part of the story is truly inspiring.

    Pause if needed while watching to fully appreciate the drawings.

  • Day One

    Today marks the very quiet, unpublicized launch of the S.M. Stevens author website and blog. It’s being kept quiet because there is little to say, except for this one thing:


    Pardon the emphasis, but other aspiring writers know of what I exclaim. TouchPoint Press is going to publish my first adult novel, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, in Fall 2019. If you don’t believe me, and sometimes I have to pinch myself, here’s the proof:


    More news to come when there actually is some…