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Poetry in the Pines

poem on wood plaque installed at poetry in the pines rindge nh

I have many personal connections to today's post topic, so I'm pleased to talk about "Poetry in the Pines", a collaboration of the Monadnock Writers' Group and the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH. So much poetry is inspired by nature that "Poetry in the Pines" seems a natural mélange. Cathedral of the Pines … Continue reading Poetry in the Pines

Mother’s Day, Newly Sprung Lilacs and Dog Vomit

purple lilacs, green background, mother's day

What, you might ask, does dog vomit have to do with Mother's Day? Newly sprung lilacs--OK, that fits, flowers being a hallmark of the Mother's Day holiday. But dog puke? Just a memorable moment from my Mother's Day in 2008, when my girls were quite young and one of the dogs apparently had an upset … Continue reading Mother’s Day, Newly Sprung Lilacs and Dog Vomit

Fun Friday Photo: Gray Sand

Today's Fun Friday Photo showing gray sand may not work for all of you. I know what constitutes "fun" varies by individual. But for me, traipsing along a beach and spying cool patterns and accents in the sand is most definitely an amusing pastime! These photos were taken on North Carolina's Outer Banks a few … Continue reading Fun Friday Photo: Gray Sand

Fun Friday Photo: Elefonts

cartoon elephant font

I love elephants and fonts, so this fun Friday photo on Elefonts is right up my alley. Why do I love elephants? For their wrinkly wisdom, their touching familial bonds, their controlled strength, their empathy for their own and even other species. I could go on and on. Why do I love fonts? Because they … Continue reading Fun Friday Photo: Elefonts