The Wallace House of Pain

cover of The Wallace House of Pain including seal for American Fiction Award winner

Winner of a 2023 American Fiction Award, this novelette is a portrait of troubled family relations, modern social justice issues and deeply personal choices.

Activist Xander Wallace and his straitlaced father do not have an easy relationship. Jim’s views on race, immigration, gender, sexuality and even millennials alienate his son no matter how hard Xander tries to find common ground. Toss in Jim’s second marriage ten months after Xander’s mother died and it’s a volatile cocktail.

How, against this backdrop, will Xander dare to bare his soul and reveal his greatest secret?

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Inside and Out

“You can’t break up with me. We’re unbreakable. You said it yourself.”

“I was wrong. Nothing is unbreakable.”

If you’re in the mood for something tall, dark and…dark, dip into my short story Inside and Out, published by Monadnock Underground in November 2022.

The story is about a college romance between Tamarind and Dash, one of whom harbors a very disturbing secret.

Trigger warning: Contains a somewhat graphic description of a sexual assault.

Read it on the Monadnock Underground website.

Two Kinds of People

The short story Two Kinds of People was published in the Fall 2021 issue of online journal Smoky Quartz.

Stevens says: “It was a labor of love for me, a way to breathe life into a character that otherwise would have been left ‘on the cutting room floor’ after my forthcoming novel, Beautiful and Terrible Things, was edited down. It also offers a sneak peek at two of the main characters in Beautiful and Terrible Things – Sunny Winston and Buwan Bakunawa.

“Two Kinds of People is a modern story dealing with timeless issues. Similar to the old-school short stories I love, it has a twist ending.”

Read it on the Smoky Quartz website.