A portrait of troubled family relations, modern social justice issues and deeply personal choices.

Activist Xander Wallace and his straitlaced father do not have an easy relationship. Jim’s views on race, immigration, gender, sexuality and even millennials alienate his son no matter how hard Xander tries to find common ground.

Toss in Jim’s second marriage ten months after Xander’s mother died and it’s a volatile cocktail.

How, against this backdrop, will Xander dare to bare his soul and reveal his greatest secret?

“An insightful look at the social challenges of personal identity.”

Reader Review

Praise for The Wallace House of Pain

Stevens tackles sensitive but relevant topics…[she] has done a wonderful and respectful job of bringing across a positive message of acceptance and love that any person who has ever struggled with that would love to read. I’m excited to read any future novels by this author and see what impact she has on the world today!” — Readers’ Favorite

“Uncomfortable. Disheartening. Familiar. It will ring true to many. Subtext and subtleties that keep you thinking.” — Amazon Reviewer

“I couldn’t put this book down. Quite a few gems packed into this novelette – a lot of food for thought and reflection!” — Amazon Reviewer

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