Book Description: Lions and Tigers and Hamsters is based on ‘What large and small animals taught Dr. Mark about life, love and humanity’. There are stories that will make you laugh and others that will allow you to cry. Sprinkled through the book are ‘Ask Dr Mark’ questions and answers such as; What drives the cost of veterinary medicine today? Should homeless people have pets? In these challenging times, what is the future of animal welfare?

Genre(s): Non-Fiction, Animals, Animal Welfare, Nature, Memoir

Author: Mark Goldstein, DVM, has spent over 40 years caring, advocating, and fighting for the welfare of animals. The institutions he worked at are all recognized leaders in their respective fields and the variety of animals he worked with and his responsibilities were unique. He was known as ‘Dr. Mark’ as a clinician, zoo director, and president of a prominent humane society. He has always been driven by a desire to shine a light on the importance of the human-animal bond.

Format: Paperback

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