Three Must-Read Books

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This is not a book review blog; it's a blog to talk about my own books and related news. However, sometimes you read a book that is too good not to talk about. I've enjoyed a few of those lately, and I want to share these three must-read books with you. Making these books extra … Continue reading Three Must-Read Books

How to Add a Book to a Goodreads List

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Those of you who use Goodreads to find your next book are probably familiar with the site's Lists. These are reader-selected collections of books on similar themes. So there are lists on everything from New Horror for Your Halloween Reading to one of my favorites, YA Books About Performing Arts. (That list is one of … Continue reading How to Add a Book to a Goodreads List

Freedom to Read, Freedom to Write

freedom to read banned books week salman rushdie library

I was honored to read on behalf of the Monadnock Writers' Group at a "Freedom to Read, Freedom to Write" event held last week by the Peterborough Town Library in New Hampshire. As part of Banned Books Week, the library director, Corinne Chronopoulos, organized a read-out of the words of Salman Rushdie. Fellow readers represented … Continue reading Freedom to Read, Freedom to Write

The Best Novels for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults Who Love Theater

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Earlier today, published my list of "the best novels for tweens, teens and young adults who love theater". I introduced you to Shepherd a while back when they published my first Top 5 list. This new site offers book recommendations for readers with a new twist: book recommendations from authors, for readers. Their thinking is … Continue reading The Best Novels for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults Who Love Theater

Poetry in the Pines

poem on wood plaque installed at poetry in the pines rindge nh

I have many personal connections to today's post topic, so I'm pleased to talk about "Poetry in the Pines", a collaboration of the Monadnock Writers' Group and the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH. So much poetry is inspired by nature that "Poetry in the Pines" seems a natural mélange. Cathedral of the Pines … Continue reading Poetry in the Pines

Fun Friday Photo: Muggle & Wombat

old golden retriever dog being nuzzled by brown white cat

Today's fun Friday photo is actually a video provided courtesy of author Bianca Marais. I shamelessly asked to borrow this video of her dog Muggle and cat Wombat (great names) after seeing it on Instagram. Watch the short video and you'll see why. Those two are precious, and the look on the dog's face is … Continue reading Fun Friday Photo: Muggle & Wombat

The Best, Ultimately Uplifting Stories About Sexual Abuse and Harassment

Does the world need a list of "the best, ultimately uplifting stories about sexual abuse and harassment"? I think so, and so does Shepherd, the newest kid on the bookworm's block. I was invited by the creators of Shepherd, a new reading resource for book-lovers, to submit a list of good reads related to my … Continue reading The Best, Ultimately Uplifting Stories About Sexual Abuse and Harassment

A Spectacularly Spooky Read

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Congratulations to fellow TouchPoint Press author M.T. Maliha for releasing another spectacularly spooky read--Betwixted, the final installment in her Waverly Estates trilogy. Maliha is a wonderful storyteller. Betwixted grabbed me from Chapter 1 as the plot went into high gear immediately. Every chapter provides a spooky, eerie chill, and the mystery and intrigue build right … Continue reading A Spectacularly Spooky Read

Why I Hate “Women’s Fiction”

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Let me clarify: I don't hate Women's Fiction. In fact, my most recently published novel, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, can be classified as Women's Fiction. I hate the term "Women's Fiction". Jodi Picoult - Master of Women's Fiction or just Master of Fiction? I don't understand why we need a genre of literature called "Women's … Continue reading Why I Hate “Women’s Fiction”

The Best Character Description Ever

cover of novel the gargoyle

I recently read The Gargoyle (Anchor Books, 2009) and am compelled to share one of author Andrew Davidson's character descriptions--one so amazing I had to re-read it right then and there, and immediately deemed it The Best Character Description Ever. Authors often struggle to find new and interesting ways to portray their characters as there … Continue reading The Best Character Description Ever