Book Description: Sometimes it takes a ghost to bridge the gap between a mother and a daughter. The millennium is approaching and 23 yr. old Amanda, a gifted mathematician and astronomer, cannot seem to move forward with her life. Her obsession with astronomy and the power of imagination break through boundaries to reveal a family tragedy her parents have never been able to even discuss.

Genre(s): Mystery, Magical Realism, Mother Daughter

Author: Catherine Zebrwoski grew up right outside Worcester, Mass. and  graduated from Worcester State College with a degree in English. She then lived in Dublin, Ireland for a year studying Literature and Drama at University College, Dublin. Sleepwalking Backwards was published through TouchPoint Press in 2017 and a new historical novel, Through a Bakery Window: Romance and Murder in a small N.E Town will be coming out through TPP in 2021.

Format: Paperback

Date of Drawing: May 8

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