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"Ramona Interviews" S.M. Stevens

Ramona, host of "Ramona Interviews" on WCCA-TV, conducts a lively, fun and thought-provoking interview as I found when taping this segment about my new novel Horseshoes and Hand Grenades recently. Here are a few comments made by Ramona in the course of the interview (paraphrased): It was easy to read. I didn't feel depressed when … Continue reading "Ramona Interviews" S.M. Stevens

Fun Photo Friday: Penguins in Sweaters

penguins in colorful hand knit sweaters for pollution protection

I LOVE PENGUINS. These adorable birds with their devoted and caring parental instincts and their striking black-and-white outfits have always been on my Top 10 Favorite Animals List. And while I prefer seeing photos of them in their natural state, you have to admit this photo of them in colorful handknit sweaters is pretty darn … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: Penguins in Sweaters

The Global Community of Book Bloggers

Book review bloggers are doing for authors what YouTube has done for musicians: Making it possible for aspiring unknowns to make it big and become well-known, often well-loved artists. Gone are the days when record house and publishing house executives wielded all the power. Today, the people have much of that power, as the Internet … Continue reading The Global Community of Book Bloggers