Book Description: This Holocaust memoir was written in 1974 and just this year published by Penguin, edited and with an afterword by the author’s daughter.  Margo Jefferson wrote: “What are the qualities of a heroine? She must have unflinching intelligence, wit, will, and honesty in the face of near-unbearable trials. Franci Rabinek Epstein was a worldly, pleasure-loving dress designer when the Nazi’s invaded Prague; she endured and prevailed when they sent her to Terezin, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. Her voice is riveting whether she’s outwitting Josef Mengele, grappling with her own despair, discussing Dostoevsky with another prisoner, delousing her hair with kerosene or improvising a Cocteau monologue for a show the women inmates stage with canny defiance. She survived the worst of her times; she speaks to the best of ours.”

Genre: Memoir

Author: Helen Epstein is the author or translator of 10 books of non-fiction. Her first, Children of the Holocaust, is the classic text on inter-generational transmission of trauma. Her last, Franci’s War, is an invaluable resource for women’s experience in genocides.

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