The Best Novels for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults Who Love Theater

3 Bit Players books on a shelf

Earlier today, published my list of “the best novels for tweens, teens and young adults who love theater”.

I introduced you to Shepherd a while back when they published my first Top 5 list. This new site offers book recommendations for readers with a new twist: book recommendations from authors, for readers. Their thinking is that if you like an author’s work, you might also like the top five books the author recommends that are similar to their work in theme, genre and audience.

I chose that particular list topic, with Shepherd’s blessing, because drama-lovers can have a hard time finding fiction that truly puts theater front and center. As I explain on Shepherd, that’s why I wrote my Bit Players novel for tweens, teens and young adults who love theater. The first book, Bit Players, Has-Been Actors and Other Posers, turned into a three-part series for people who love theater, musicals in particular, as well as the act of creating a show (script-writing, song-writing, production, etc.).

Read more about Bit Players here, or visit my dedicated Bit Players site.

The novels contain the lyrics written by the characters as they turn popular, modern songs into numbers for their shows. In the first Bit Players, that show is a musical adaptation of the Twilight movie and book. You can access videos of the original songs on the Bit Players site and see how the lyrics in the books fit with the music. Check out those videos here for a rockin’ good time.

Also, for thespians of all ages, my Bit Players Pinterest page is stuffed with ideas for costumes, stage make-up and set designs.

So enjoy Bit Players, and check out!

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