Book Signing in the Catskills

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Never have I ever* been as excited as I am now, to announce I’ll be participating in a Meet the Authors event in a few weeks. Take that, COVID-19! Or should I say, vaccinations to the rescue!

As I know probably every single one of you can relate, it has been too long since we’ve been able to socialize in person. This will be only my second live, in-person author event in over a year. I am so looking forward to mingling with new people and answering readers’ questions. And it’s in the beautiful Catskills to boot.

The event is being organized by the wonderful M.T. Maliha, whose final installment in her supernatural thriller trilogy Waverly Estate comes out soon. (Watch for a future post on that.) All our books will be available; for me that includes the adult novel Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, the Bit Players series for teens and tweens, and Shannon’s Odyssey for kids ages 8-11.

The event takes place at Zena Recreation in Woodstock, NY, on Sunday, June 27, 2021, from noon to 3:00 PM. We’ll be poolside (poor us…) and, in addition to signing our books, we’ll have fun activities like raffles and scavenger hunts. I understand admission is free unless you want to use the swimming pool, which entails a $10 fee.

If you are in the Catskill Mountains of New York, perhaps we will see you there!

*I have “Never Have I Ever” on the brain, because in my new manuscript, an innocent game of “Never Have I Ever” turns dark and contentious…

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