Chanticleer/CIBA Recognizes “The Wallace House of Pain”

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My little novelette, The Wallace House of Pain, is having a good month! Three weeks ago, I announced that this story of family strife and personal identity won an American Fiction Award in the novelette category. Today, I am thrilled to announce that The Wallace House of Pain has made it onto the “long list” for the 2023 Shorts Book Awards competition sponsored by Chanticleer International Book Awards (CIBA).

The Wallace House of Pain is one of 22 short reads that made the long list. Some of those will be selected for the “short list” and from that, finalists and winners will be chosen. I’m humbled to be in such august company; see the list of long listers here.

More on Chanticleer (CIBA)

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CIBA has been recognizing excellence in writing since 2011 through a plethora of competitions. As its website says: “The Chanticleer International Book Awards program discovers today’s best works. The Short Story Awards discover the Best New Shorts in Fiction and Narrative Non-Fiction.”

More specifically, “The Short Story Awards recognize emerging talent and outstanding works in Short Stories, Essays, Novelettes, Novellas, Short Story Collections and Anthologies.”

More on The Wallace House of Pain

This 45-minute read offers a great study in character and relationships” according to book review blog A Little Book Problem.

An Amazon reviewer wrote that the story is “Disheartening. Familiar. It will ring true to many. Subtext and subtleties that keep you thinking.”

Pick up your ebook or paperback today, on Amazon or Libraries and bookstores, it is also available through Ingram.

More to Come

Xander, Terrance, Sunny, Jess, Charley and Buwan, who you’ll meet in The Wallace House of Pain, are also the main characters in my forthcoming, full-length novel Beautiful and Terrible Things. Black Rose Writing will publish Beautiful and Terrible Things in July 2024. So check out The Wallace House of Pain and if you want to spend more time with the characters, watch for the full novel (which is a different story; it does not encapsulate The Wallace House of Pain). To be notified of the book’s release, sign up on the right to receive my very occasional e-newsletter.

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