Chat About Books Reviews “The Wallace House of Pain”

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Thanks to Kerry at Chat About Books for reviewing my novelette, The Wallace House of Pain, on her hugely popular book blog, and calling the story “A must read!” on her 5-star Amazon review.

She writes:

[Xander] is convinced his father won’t accept him for who he really is. Something we all know many, many young people go through every day. As a parent of two adult children, who I love unconditionally, I think it’s desperately sad that so many others deal with trying to live a lie for fear of being made to feel they’re somehow less worthy of love and acceptance.

“This book sends out a powerful message to all.

“I think many will be comforted by it and I’m sure many will learn from it.”

The Wallace House of Pain takes place over five dinners and a breakfast. Xander invites his friends–Terrance, Sunny, Jess, Charley and Buwan–to dinner at his dad’s house to act as buffers of sorts, given his contentious relationship with his father.

If you like these characters, you can get another, bigger dose of them in my forthcoming novel, Beautiful and Terrible Things, due out from TouchPoint Press in the near future!

Read the full review, including more on the plot, here on Chat About Books.

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