Cover Reveal: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

book cover horseshoes hand grenades colorful modern watercolor

After months of worry and anticipation, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades has a cover! And may I say, in my humble opinion, it is stunning! Like the story, it combines lighthearted whimsy with harsh, bold lines. It’s ambiguous: is she at peace? Contemplative? It’s only upon closer inspection that you notice her hands are tearing out her hair.

Making it even more satisfying is the fact that my daughter, who is an illustrator, created the image on the cover. The talented designer at TouchPoint Press did the rest. But I would have loved the image no matter who created it.

Many thanks to the amazing bloggers who took part in the cover reveal over the past few days, either on their blogs or their social media. They include:

You may not know it, but there is an amazing community of book review bloggers uniting authors and readers. Gone are the days when the big publishing houses decided who read what. With so many independent book review blogs available today, readers have a seemingly limitless choice of reviewers to advise them based on their preferred genre. So if you love reading and want more suggestions on what to read, follow a book review blog or two!

Back to the cover, font fiends like me might be wondering what crazy type was used for the book’s title. It’s Priscilla Script. I absolutely love it.

(And if you’re in need of an illustrator, contact Natalie Simone at nataliesimone97 at gmail dot com.)

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