Fun Friday Photo: Tulip Explosion

purple tulip closeup

While photos of frilly and fantastic flowers may be enjoyable to look at, what exactly makes today’s photo of a tulip explosion a Fun Friday Photo, you might ask? A number of things, IMHO:

  • These flowers are from my own garden, not some random online site.
  • They’re the first tulips I’ve ever grown and they are doing great! When you plant bulbs in the fall, you never know what will transpire in the spring. It’s like waiting six months to open your Christmas presents.
  • Tulips are practically the first flowers to bloom in the spring, along with daffodils and after crocus and chionodoxa. They are among the first colorful and proud harbingers of spring. And as any of you living in northern climates can attest, the annual arrival of spring is always something to be celebrated. Some years, it’s hard to believe winter will actually yield to spring until we see it for ourselves!

My little patch of tulips, daffodils and phlox bloomed so prolifically that I now wonder if I went overboard. I’m lucky to have a lot of garden to work with, so methinks maybe I should have spread the bulbs out more. Still, I do love this condensed plot chock full of flowery goodness…

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