Fun Photo Friday – Floral Extravaganza

vincent can gogh corso zundert float

Welcome to Fun Photo Friday.

My blog deals with some heavy topics because my novel Horseshoes and Hand Grenades deals with some heavy topics. But that’s not to say we don’t like to have fun around here! 🙂

So, to lighten the mood, I’m instituting Fun Photo Friday. To celebrate what is the end of the work week for many (not authors, of course), and because it sounds better than Fun Photo Monday or Fun Photo Wednesday, I will now feature an image, video or story every Friday, guaranteed to make you smile unless you have a Grinch-like organ only resembling a heart behind your rib cage.

Reasons to Smile

Like my other blog posts, the subject matter of a Fun Photo Friday post could relate to writing, publishing, or even #metoo or #timesup if there is such a thing as a light-hearted reference to those important movements. Or it might relate to animals, nature, renewable energy, saving the planet, musical theatre, or any other subject near and dear to me.

Of course there is no shortage of videos showcasing funny puppies and silly antics on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. But can you ever really have enough reasons to laugh or smile?


Because I like to play with words, know that I stewed over the right name for this new feature. The words themselves were easy, but in what order? Which is the most effective noun: photo, fun or Friday? Which are the better modifiers? I considered:

  • Fun Friday Photo
  • Photo Fun Friday
  • Friday Photo Fun
  • Friday Fun Photo

In the end, the winner was Fun Photo Friday. To be honest, as with many writing challenges, any of the options would have worked fine, because they convey the point well. And in my opinion, while words are pretty and I love the powerful combinations many authors put forth on a regular basis, at the end of the day words are communication tools.

(By the way, “syntax” was chosen for the sub-head above with some trepidation. I had to consult Merriam-Webster for the correct term describing the order of words, which took me down a rabbit hole of typology, morphology and morphemes. Maybe I’ll blog about that later. And any of you language experts out there, those who think the OED is the best book ever published, feel free to comment and correct me.)

Wow, I really digressed there. Back on topic: Here is my first Fun Photo Friday post. Shoot — maybe I should have gone with Friday Fun Photo. It would have worked better in that last sentence… 

First Fun Photo – Floral Extravaganza

float of vincent van gogh made of purple flowers
Image courtesy of Corso Zundert by way of Creative Boom
vincent van gogh float made of orange and yellow flowers
Image courtesy of Corso Zundert by way of Creative Boom
close-up of corso zundert parade float showing all the flowers
Image courtesy of Corso Zundert by way of Creative Boom

These floats, believe it or not, are decorated entirely with flowers. They are showcased as part of the Corso Zundert parade in the Netherlands. (These are from a few years ago but are now making the rounds on social media.) If you didn’t recognize him in floral form, the gentleman depicted is the Netherlands’ own Vincent van Gogh.

I don’t know why I’ve never heard of Corso Zundert before, because apparently it’s been happening annually since 1936! Sounds like another reason to visit the Netherlands.

And for those of you who thought I’d kick off Fun Photo Friday with an animal image or video, not to worry. If you click through to Creative Boom and look at all the gorgeous photos, you’ll see a lovely porcupine float in the mix. 

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