Fun Photo Friday: Penguins in Sweaters

penguins in colorful hand knit sweaters for pollution protection

I LOVE PENGUINS. These adorable birds with their devoted and caring parental instincts and their striking black-and-white outfits have always been on my Top 10 Favorite Animals List.

And while I prefer seeing photos of them in their natural state, you have to admit this photo of them in colorful handknit sweaters is pretty darn cute!

Even if you rate anthropomorphism up there with treason and other high crimes, the rest of the story might warm you up a bit. The sweaters were put on young penguins affected by oil pollution. And they were knit by Phillip Island Penguin Foundation volunteers including this 109-year-old man.

109 year old man knits sweaters for penguins

At least that’s what Huffington Post and other media outlets report.

Happy Fun Photo Friday!

(All photos from Phillip Island Nature Parks)

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