Fun Photo Friday: Solarbathing

blonde woman using solar panels as reflective for sunbathing

My “day job” is keeping me hopping lately, so I’m a bit behind on blogging. I do love my day job though, and not just because it pays the bills! My solar marketing work gives me the satisfaction of helping save the world, one solar panel at a time.

So I turn to solar energy for today’s Fun Friday Photo. The sun is good for a lot more than sunbathing.

I’d like to see every building on the planet “bathed” in non-polluting solar panels. And I’d like to see every person worship the solar panel like this sun-worshipping sunbather.

(I created this image when I worked for New England Clean Energy, and re-use it here with their blessing I hope. If you’re in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or New Hampshire and seeking solar for your home or business, give them a call!)

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