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Back on December 24th, I received an early Christmas present: a 4-star review of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades on book review blog Jackie’s Reading Corner. Now, I share it with you. If it encourages you to learn more, please check out more reviews on my Reviews page, or read reviews and order the novel on Amazon.

Here’s how Jackie summarized my New Adult / Women’s Fiction / Contemporary novel (paraphrased a tad):

“Astrid and Shelby along with a good friend Tina gain strength, support each other, and help each other to realize that these actions are not trivial, they are real, they should not have happened, and they shouldn’t be hidden.

“This is about women finding the strength, being empowered and not letting their abuse define them, because that’s not who they are.

“I loved the characters in this book, as they are relatable and likable, and you really want them to come out on top. It was good to see the women bonding and finding the strength with each other.

“The writer shows the effects of abuse on the women well.”

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