Script Version of “Wallace House of Pain” Available Now

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The script for the play version of The Wallace House of Pain has been published and is now available in the autumn 2023 edition of Rushing Thru the Dark from Choeofpleirn Press!

cover of The Wallace House of Pain including seal for American Fiction Award winner

Here’s my previous post from the day I got the exciting news that the script would be published, ICYMI.

And if any community theatre or high school or college drama department is seeking a one-act play for their stage, one that delves into modern social justice issues along with issues of personal identity and family strife, then the stage version of The Wallace House of Pain may be just what you’re looking for.

Where to Buy

Choeofpleirn Press distributes its magazine in print and digital formats.

cover of autumn 2023 magazine, Rushing Thru the Dark, showing sunset photos against black background

Print: Look for the magazine in your local bookstore. (Price may vary by store.) This is a very large magazine — 264 pages to be exact — and coffee-table-worthy. It’s published on high-quality paper so you get the most out of the artwork. To give you an idea of the scope of the contents, here’s what the autumn issue includes:

  • 23 original works of artwork / photography (some of which are stunning!)
  • 10 original dramatic scripts
  • 27 original poems.

Digital: The digital version of the magazine is sold on Choeofpleirn’s website for $6. Buy it here.

The Paperback & Ebook Versions

For those who prefer prose to script, The Wallace House of Pain is available as a “novelette” — about a 45-minute read — in both paperback and ebook formats. In fact, that was the original format for my story, before I decided it would also work as a play.

Learn more here.

Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamseh on Unsplash

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