Sneak Peek of New Characters

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I am deep into the writing of my next novel (title TBD) and thought I would share with you my list of main characters. It has an “ensemble cast” of people in their late twenties.

Which one do you think you’ll relate to most?

  • Jessica, a straight woman of Colombian descent, who works in the corporate accounting office of a large real estate development company
  • Charley, a white woman of uncertain sexual orientation who manages a bookstore
  • Sunny, a mixed-race, non-binary pansexual, who sells solar energy systems
  • Buwan, a straight, bipolar, Filipino-American artist
  • Xander, a white bisexual man who is a community organizer at an environmental nonprofit
  • Terrance, a straight black man who is communications director at the same nonprofit as Xander.

Fun fact: Sunny is half black, half Indian. I made up that combination not knowing Kamala Harris has the same parentage.

As that line-up may have suggested, the book will deal with many of the social issues in America today. Like Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, my last novel, it will also entertain and includes lots of love, friendship and fun. In other words, it will reflect true life.

(The people in the photo look nothing like my characters but what are ya gonna do…)

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