Queenie Lives: A Short Story Success

Short stories are a new frontier for me. They require special skills that novel-length works don't necessarily, and I am still working on my "craft" in this area. So, drumroll please, I am thrilled to announce that I have placed a short story in the online literary journal Smoky Quartz. The publication of Two Kinds … Continue reading Queenie Lives: A Short Story Success

What Audre Lorde Said

black and white photo of audre lorde

Like many of my fellow white people, I am undergoing a serious education about what it's like to be black in America today. I am wondering what we can do, as individuals and as a society, to finally eradicate racism (to the extent that that is possible; I believe that even if 99% of US … Continue reading What Audre Lorde Said

Black Lives Matter

I have officially stopped posting funny coronavirus images for Fun Photo Fridays because an even more critical crisis than the global COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping our nation: Black Lives Matter. Some might feel the two emergencies deserve the same weight on the list of issues facing us today. But to me, nothing surpasses treating each … Continue reading Black Lives Matter