Fun Friday Photo: Frozen Waves

partially frozen lake waves pond

If you've ever wondered what frozen waves look like, here you go. Today's Fun Photo Friday features a shot I took of our lake recently. The edges of the pond had frozen, but the interior--as you can see in the photo--had not. Then, we had an extremely windy day--not uncommon around here--and the whitecaps and … Continue reading Fun Friday Photo: Frozen Waves

Fun Photo Friday: Frozen Bubbles

partially broken cracked frozen bubble on yellow wand

My friend Wendy Wheeler posted this cool photo of a frozen bubble just chillin' on its wand, on her Facebook page. I immediately knew it would be the featured image for my next Fun Photo Friday post. Who knew bubbles froze? Probably lots of people, from scientists to teachers to the naturally curious. But it … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: Frozen Bubbles