Meet Shelby, #HAHG Hero

In today's installment of Book Launch Week for Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, we meet fragile but practical, music- and animal-loving Shelby Stewart, our second narrator. If you read yesterday's description of Astrid by Shelby, then you probably picked up some idea of Shelby's personality already. In this short bit, she is lamenting her looks upon … Continue reading Meet Shelby, #HAHG Hero

Meet Astrid, #HAHG Hero

blonde woman from the back looking at ocean and beach

As part of my Book Launch Week, I'd like to introduce you to Astrid, one of the narrators of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. In this excerpt, it's actually the other narrator, Shelby, who is speaking. It’s Shelby’s first day as an intern at a Boston PR firm, and Anne, the office manager, has just introduced … Continue reading Meet Astrid, #HAHG Hero

#HAHG Radio Interview from the K-Zone “Lunchbox”

radio host wpkz travis condon and author s.m. stevens

Doing a live radio interview for "The K-Zone Lunchbox" with Travis at WPKZ-Radio (105.3 FM/1280 AM), in Fitchburg, Mass., last Friday was a blast! It was my first chance to talk about Horseshoes and Hand Grenades on the radio, and Travis was an amazing interviewer. I've sat in on many a radio interview over the … Continue reading #HAHG Radio Interview from the K-Zone “Lunchbox”

Fun Photo Friday: Post-It Plotting

pile of colorful post-it notes for story plotting

When plotting out a book, trying to interweave numerous plot lines into a chronology and story arc that make sense can bring on a brain cramp! Enter the Post-Its, those humble little slips of paper that have organized many a disheveled thought process. I found my pile of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Post-Its when I … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: Post-It Plotting

Clinton Item/Worcester Telegram Previews “Horseshoes”

newspaper article on sexual harassment novel

Thanks to my local paper, The Item, for writing up a very nice overview of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, which also ran in the Worcester Telegram. (Although, can I say, one never knows how much forehead one has until you see a photo cropped this closely, haha!) Following is the text of the article, or … Continue reading Clinton Item/Worcester Telegram Previews “Horseshoes”

Fun Photo Friday: How to Mount a Camel

girl with long hair from back riding camel in desert

Camels are amazing, virtually sandstorm-proof animals. Three sets of eyelids and two rows of eyelashes keep sand out of their eyes, and nostrils that shut entirely keep sand out of their noses. Fascinating statistics about camels abound. They can run up to 40 miles (64 kilometers) per hour, which is as fast as a racehorse, … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: How to Mount a Camel

Renowned Poet Endorses “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”

two covers of poetry collection books by Susan Roney-O'Brien

I wrote Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (being published in September by TouchPoint Press) in the hopes it will help victims of incest and other forms of sexual harassment and abuse give credence to their experiences, and take steps to heal. So an endorsement like this one from early reader and poet Susan Roney-O'Brien means the … Continue reading Renowned Poet Endorses “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”

“Courage to Heal” Author Endorses “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”

Celebrating Laura Davis endorsement of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

I am so pumped that author Laura Davis is endorsing my forthcoming #metoo novel, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades. Laura, as you may know, is co-author of The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. A groundbreaking self-help book when it was first published in 1988, it remains in print today, … Continue reading “Courage to Heal” Author Endorses “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”

Cover Blind

With my first novel to be traditionally published in the pre-launch stage now, I have a lot of questions about the process. I'll figure those out in due time. But my "most burning" question -- the one that sets my brain on fire, and wakes me up at night with novel-induced hot flashes -- is … Continue reading Cover Blind