Meet Shelby, #HAHG Hero

In today’s installment of Book Launch Week for Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, we meet fragile but practical, music- and animal-loving Shelby Stewart, our second narrator.

If you read yesterday’s description of Astrid by Shelby, then you probably picked up some idea of Shelby’s personality already. In this short bit, she is lamenting her looks upon meeting her very stylish boss at the PR firm, for the first time since the job interview.

Her trendy, short black hair made me wish for the hundredth time that I could pull off a short hairdo. You need a beautiful face for that, though. Other than one spur-of-the-moment close-cropped punk cut—a definite mistake—I kept my thick, light brown, not straight, not wavy hair long enough to distract from my boring brown eyes and the bony bump on the bridge of my nose.

Tune in tomorrow for another installment of Book Launch Week, when we get a glimpse of the demon haunting Shelby.

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