Three Must-Read Books

covers of three must-read books on shelf pink background

This is not a book review blog; it's a blog to talk about my own books and related news. However, sometimes you read a book that is too good not to talk about. I've enjoyed a few of those lately, and I want to share these three must-read books with you. Making these books extra … Continue reading Three Must-Read Books

“Composing Sermons & Dreaming Up Murder”

A fellow New England author I am fortunate to know is Reverend Jane Willan, whose latest cozy mystery was published a few weeks ago. More details on Abide With Me in a minute, but first you may have questions: What is a cozy mystery? Cozy mysteries, also called "cozies" are a form of crime fiction … Continue reading “Composing Sermons & Dreaming Up Murder”