Author Reading: Middle-Grade Fiction

white wolf sleeping in snow

I was honored to participate in last week’s Reading Week festivities at the Dr. Joseph A. Whelan Elementary School in North Providence, Rhode Island. I read from my middle-grade fiction work, Shannon’s Odyssey. Twelve-year-old Shannon treks through a hundred miles of wilderness to find her long-lost Gran. She encounters dangers, hunger, thirst, storms, and animals good and bad. She’s aided by a mysterious amulet with potentially magical powers, and she learns secrets about herself and her family on the journey.

The reading was remote, of course, which is sad as I didn’t get to gauge the students’ reactions to the tale. But, it has the benefit of allowing me to share the video with you.

Please enjoy these few chapters, which I chose as they stand alone quite well.

May every week be Reading Week! 🙂

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