Book Lovers Soaps

Bar of soap crafted to look like a little orange covered book, from Holiday Farm

I don't usually talk about non-book products here, but this is too good not to share. You know those people who love books so much they would bathe in them if they could? Or maybe they just read in the bathtub? (Guilty.) I recently came across the perfect gift for those people -- actual bars … Continue reading Book Lovers Soaps

Fun Friday Photo: The Joy of Reading

cartoon by artist guada on the magic of reading

Thanks to fellow author Jane Risdon for this fun Friday photo on the joy of reading. I unapologetically borrowed this after seeing it on her Facebook page. And thanks and kudos to the artist, Guada. If this doesn't sum up the power of a book to transport us from everyday doldrums to somewhere fantastical, historical, … Continue reading Fun Friday Photo: The Joy of Reading

People Reading More Books in COVID-19 Pandemic

hand holding cell phone on beach near umbrella

Here's something fun I discovered while running a small survey in conjunction with the 30 Days of Free Books giveaway program: A majority of Americans are spending more time reading books since the coronavirus pandemic began. As those of you who entered to win books through 30 Days know, we asked entrants about their reading … Continue reading People Reading More Books in COVID-19 Pandemic

Interview: “The 3 Pillars” Podcast

logo the 3 pillars podcast

I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed recently by the delightful Chriselda Barretto for her unique podcast, "The 3 Pillars." The episode was published on April 29, 2020. Listen to it here, and be prepared for 30 seconds of intense, awesome music in the introduction! We discussed the actions women are taking after reading … Continue reading Interview: “The 3 Pillars” Podcast

Authors Unite for Free Book Giveaways

program logo 30 days of free books

I couldn't be more excited to announce "30 Days of Free Books" -- a month of free book giveaways to get some literature into the hands of people housebound and sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. The idea for this hit me while reading about all the TV/streaming services offering extended free trials … Continue reading Authors Unite for Free Book Giveaways

Fun Photo Friday: Christmas Tree of Books

christmas tree made of books

This week's Fun Friday Photo comes courtesy of Tracy Buchanan. Fire safety concerns aside, what a great idea! Books come in all dimensions, which can be a pain when you're organizing your bookshelf. But those differences recede into the background when you use the books to build a Christmas tree. And, much like a real … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: Christmas Tree of Books