Book Deal: Beautiful and Terrible Things

torn piece of publishers marketplace book deal announcement

I have signed a book deal for Beautiful and Terrible Things, my next novel! TouchPoint Press, the same publisher that released my last novel (Horseshoes and Hand Grenades), has picked up my new work and I couldn’t be more excited!

A book publishing contract never feels official until it appears in the trade publication Publishers Marketplace. Signing and submitting the contract is, of course, a momentous occasion. And of course authors share their big news with friends and family and maybe social media followers.

But when Publishers Marketplace announces the book deal, the news is out there on the Internet for the world to see. That’s when it starts to feel real.

The Book Deal Listing

Here’s the full listing as it appeared on the PM website:

publishers marketplace book deal listing

I know it’s impossible to read the text in the image, so here’s what it says:

“S.M. Stevens’s BEAUTIFUL AND TERRIBLE THINGS, a tale of betrayal, sacrifice, loyalty, and forgiveness; a reminder that friendship has the power to validate, destroy, transform, and save lives, to Sheri Williams at TouchPoint Press, for publication in 2023 (world).”

Six Good Friends

I truly love the six friends who make up my “cast” in Beautiful and Terrible Things, and I can’t wait for others to meet them. Sadly, book publishing has never been a fast-turnaround business, so the book won’t be out until early 2023. But at least it’s coming!

For a preview of sorts, you can read my recently published short story Two Kinds of People, which introduces you to Sunny and Buwan, two of the six friends in Beautiful and Terrible Things.

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