Fun Friday Photo: Muggle & Wombat

old golden retriever dog being nuzzled by brown white cat

Today’s fun Friday photo is actually a video provided courtesy of author Bianca Marais. I shamelessly asked to borrow this video of her dog Muggle and cat Wombat (great names) after seeing it on Instagram. Watch the short video and you’ll see why. Those two are precious, and the look on the dog’s face is priceless!

Bianca Marais, for those who don’t know, is a wonderful author of books including the highly acclaimed Hum If You Don’t Know the Words (another great name – clearly the woman has a way with titles). HIYDKTW is a unique (that word is anathema in the PR world in which I grew up, but feels appropriate here) take on apartheid, class and race, told through the eyes of a white girl and a Black woman.

But Marais is so much more, starting with podcaster: She leads a fantastic podcast for writers called The Shit No One Tells You About Writing (another great…you know). Her interviews with authors, agents and publishers are always informative and often eye-opening.

She offers classes and workshops on the craft of writing.

She is an award-winning creative writing instructor at the University of Toronto.

And so committed is she to helping authors, Marais recently took the time to connect people who wanted to join a Writers Group but didn’t know how to find kindred souls. Out of the goodness of her heart (she did this for free), she took submissions and matched people up based on genre and time zone.

I may be gushing, but it’s because I truly admire her talent, her sense of humor, and everything she does to help aspiring authors. I have personally benefitted from her podcasts, and am now in a new Writers Group she organized. Having the most adorable pets Muggle and Wombat only adds to my high opinion of her.

If you’re a writer looking for guidance, check out her site.

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