Excerpt: Carol’s Sex Advice

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For today’s excerpt in celebration of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades‘ Book Launch Week, we lighten the mood a bit from yesterday’s short but dark passage.

Early reviewers of the #MeToo novel suggested that it was a fun and entertaining read despite the heavy themes. That makes me very happy, because that was my intent. Shelby and Astrid are much more than victims. They are two women strong of character but vulnerable due to age and position. They struggle to make things work in their jobs, with their boyfriends, and with their girlfriends, just like most people do in their 20’s.

In this scene, Astrid is having lunch in a restaurant with her mother, Carol. Carol is advising Astrid on her relationship with her boyfriend.

“One last piece of advice, and then I’ll stop mothering. Oral sex should be the last thing you give up. The final frontier. Don’t offer that too early. Then, when you do, he’ll be extra appreciative.” 

Aargh. I would write an article someday: The Ten Most Embarrassing Things to Discuss with Your Mother. 

I wanted to ask her if she withheld blowjobs from her boyfriend. “I’m going to the restroom,” I said instead, standing. 

She was my mother, after all.

Join me for tomorrow’s Book Launch Week post, when the women head to Martha’s Vineyard.

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