Excerpt: On the Ferry

Today’s Book Launch Week excerpt has our Horseshoes and Hand Grenades narrators Shelby and Astrid on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard for a summer weekend. Our two heroes are joined by their good friend Tina, who doesn’t get much attention in snippets about the book, but is a very important figure in the lives of Shelby and Astrid.

Astrid is narrating.

“Men are truly a different species. It’s hard to know what they really want, from life and from us. I should write a book called What Men Could Tell Us to Make Us Better Girlfriends.” 

“Hm. Or how about, What Women Don’t Know About Men and Never Thought to Ask?” Shelby offered. 

Tina attempted to join in. “What Women Don’t Know About Men but Really Want to Know?” 

“Not exactly catchy, Tina, but keep trying,” I said, laughing with Shelby. “Try this one: What Women Don’t Even Know They Don’t Know About Men. No, wait—What Women Don’t Really Need to Know About Men, Even Though They Think They Should—” 

“—and What They Need to Know but Don’t Have A Clue They Need to Know, Never Mind How to Ask,” Shelby finished. 

Our laughs drew disapproving looks from the people next to us, which made us laugh harder. 

I sighed that end-of-a-good-laugh sigh. “Why do I feel like our IQs just  dropped twenty points?” 

“That’s okay. We’re going to the beach. Who needs an IQ?” Shelby asked. 

Tune in tomorrow, when we get an inkling of Astrid’s weakness at work.

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