Fun Photo Friday: Bumblebee Butts

bumblebee sleeping in purple flower with pollen on butt

Fun Photo Friday is back after a 2-week hiatus while the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Blog Tour took place. And we are back in a way sure to create a lot of “buzz.”

Today’s photo shows a bumblebee that feel asleep after snacking on nectar from a flower blossom. Note the dusting of pollen on the little creature’s fuzzy backside. Full credit for this amazing story goes to Healthy Food House. I highly recommend clicking through to HFH where you can be regaled with many tired bumblebee butt images!

In between oohs and awwws over the photos, soak in the environmental message too. Bees need our help!

You can learn more about the plight of the bees at sites including The Honeybee Conservancy and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. The BCT link takes you to a page with suggestions for bumble-friendly flowers you can plant in your own yard.

Can’t leave without one more adorable bumble-butt photo:

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