Fun Photo Friday: Cute Parts of Korra

black dog head from back with ear feathers

I’m sure no one will think me biased if I say that Korra, my Border Collie/German Shepherd mixed-breed dog, is the cutest mutt in the world. Possibly the cutest mutt ever.

I know there are plenty of beautiful and adorable mixed-breed dogs out there. I have had others besides Korra. But this dog has so many cute parts I decided to pay homage to them for Fun Photo Friday.

From the Top

First, we have her ear feathers, in the photo above. Next up…

black dog head from back with ear feathers
Her ear feathers when wet, which get all crimp-y. And that bit of brown undercoat buried under the black fur on her head.
border collie german shepherd mix from side head
Her “bandit mask”
The whisper of a white line down her snout
Close-up of tri-color dog eyes and eyebrows
Her Groucho Marx-like “eyebrows”
tri-color dog leg
The “skunk line” of black and white down her leg

Take It Down

dog front leg with orange feathers
The orange feathers on her forelegs, which I call her orangutan hair
tri-color dog leg
The beautiful tri-color pattern on her forelegs
black dog tail fan
Her enormous plume-like tail, which practically has enough life to qualify as a separate animal
black tan and white dog fur tail
The colors inside her tail: Black on the outside, a tan layer below that and a white layer in the middle
white dog paw close-up
The Grinch-like long fur between her toes
close-up of dog paw with black and pink pads
The pink and black pads on her feet. No two pads alike.
black dog tail with white end
The white tip of her tail

The Sum of the Parts

And here she is, with all the parts put together. 

Have you ever noticed that your dog can look completely different in one photo to the next? To me, Korra looks foxy in this photo, and I don’t mean a male dog’s dream. I mean her face looks small and her snout pointed, resembling a fox, which is not how I picture her. I see her more as a big bundle of fluff and love, a bit more like this photo.

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