Fun Photo Friday: Sensitive Squirrel

squirrel hugging flower from clima extremo

This awww-inducing photo of a sensitive squirrel being soothed by a flower, or perhaps he’s communing with the blossom, was posted by Clima Extremo on its Facebook page. I found it by way of Lions, Tigers and Hamsters. Find them both on Facebook, at @ClimaExtremo and @LionsandTigersandHamsters, respectively.

Clima Extremo monitors extreme weather — no shortage of subject matter there.

author s.m. stevens and dog korra with lions and tigers and hamsters book by mark goldsstein

And Lions, Tigers and Hamsters is an amusing and touching collection of animal stories from my friend Mark Goldstein, DVM, who has worked in the animal welfare, zoo and veterinary fields. So he’s seen it all, as the title of the book suggests!

If you’re an animal lover, you should check it out.

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