Fun Photo Friday: Tia at the Vet

black and white cat at veterinarian

I’ve featured my dog Korra a few times on Fun Photo Friday, so it’s time to let my cat Tia in on the fun.

Tia had her annual check-up with the veterinarian yesterday. As you can see, she’s not very comfortable at the vet. She doesn’t make herself at home or anything. (Sarcasm intended.)

black and white cat

Tia is an outdoor cat (no haters, please — I know the risks and I have my reasons.) She’s seen a few vets in her 11 years and every single one has gushed over how amazing she is. She puts up with the exam with little fuss. And they exclaim over the excellent condition of her teeth and coat.

And in case you’re wondering — yes, she came right down to the exam table when the vet was ready to examine her. 🙂

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