The Miracle at the End of the Rainbow

car accident mass turnpike

And now for something completely different:

If you love to read but only have small chunks of time available for such luxuries, check out 100 Word Story. I love this website. All stories published are literally, exactly, no joking…100 words long. No more, no less. 100 Word Story is a great place for a quick jolt of emotion, whether it’s a chuckle, a gasp or a bolt of inspiration.

Here’s a story I submitted, which was not accepted. So I foist it onto my blog readers instead. 🙂  Thanks for reading.

Unaware of fate hurtling toward her in the rearview mirror, she exhales in relief, inches from the next bumper amidst a screeching chorus as traffic jams from seventy mph to zero.

A carnival ride explosion of whirls and blurred colors later, her car faces backward, two lanes removed from its starting point, teetering at an embankment’s edge.

“Please don’t flip over,” she moans like a mantra as the car slides sideways.

It stops. At last.

Fumbling shakily, she escapes the wreckage.

“You didn’t even slow down,” she cries to her assailant.

“I was looking at the rainbow,” comes the reply.

black mercedes car accident

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