Get a Free Middle Grade Chapter Book, July 1-3

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I’m offering my Middle Grade chapter book Shannon’s Odyssey as a free ebook for three days, starting from midnight tonight (Friday, July 1) through midnight of Sunday, July 3. Take advantage of this special promotion if you know a 7- to 11-year-old who loves adventure stories, animals (who may or may not talk), and a dash of magic (or is it just real life?).

Hop on over to Amazon to get your free copy of the chapter book. (Sadly, I don’t think I have the ability to make the book free on independent bookstore sites like IndieBound. But then, free wouldn’t really help them out, would it?)

What is Shannon’s Odyssey about? Here’s a brief description of the story:

Rather than stay with the mean, smelly Zielinskis after her parents are hurt in a car accident, Shannon Simpson treks a hundred miles through the forest seeking her long-lost grandmother.

Finding Gran means finding her way safely through the woods with only a compass, her wits and a mysterious, possibly magical marra mamba stone to guide her.

During her journey, Shannon faces bad weather, injuries, hunger, thirst, and lots of wild animals – some nice and some not so nice. And she uncovers secrets about her family and herself.

One young reader wrote this about Shannon’s Odyssey in a review: “Your book is the best chapter book I’ve ever read.” High praise indeed!

I’ve got an excerpt of the Middle Grade novel here if you’d like a taste before deciding.

Or if you prefer to listen, check out this reading I did for Reading Week at a Rhode Island elementary school:

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