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If you read this blog regularly, or even occasionally, you know that I’ve done quite a few interviews about my new novel Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, and about my career as an author. I love doing these interviews, as I’m passionate about the message in HAHG. But I of course often find myself answering similar questions from interview to interview.

So this interview with the amazing Cheryl Holloway was particularly rewarding, due to the new questions she came up with, such as: Was it difficult creating believable situations and issues or did you take them from real life and elaborate?

(Answer: I wish it were difficult, but sexual harassment is so pervasive that there was no shortage of content to draw from!)

Cheryl also challenged me to think about the process of bringing my characters to life, something I honestly hadn’t given much thought to since the manuscript was accepted by TouchPoint Press.

When she asked which character was the hardest to develop, the answer was easy:

Shelby, for sure. She is a confusing mixture of practical and tough plus, sentimental and fragile. (So, she’s a typical woman?) 

Like many book bloggers, Cheryl Holloway does much more than review books and interview authors. She is a contemporary romance author, journalist,  award-winning editor, writing instructor, accountability writing coach for debut authors and experienced blogger! Learn more about her on the Cheryl Holloway website.

And read her interview with me on her blog here.

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