Fun Photo Friday: #IWD2020

fist and opened hand natalie simone stars

So I completely missed International Women's Day due to an overloaded schedule. I knew it was happening, and definitely should have added my voice to the chorus of celebratory and inspirational cries heard around the globe last Sunday, March 8. But time was not on my side. (Cue the Rolling Stones.) I figured I could … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: #IWD2020

HAHG on Cheryl Holloway’s Book Blog

novel horseshoes and hand grenades on wood shelf against teal background

If you read this blog regularly, or even occasionally, you know that I've done quite a few interviews about my new novel Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, and about my career as an author. I love doing these interviews, as I'm passionate about the message in HAHG. But I of course often find myself answering similar … Continue reading HAHG on Cheryl Holloway’s Book Blog

Fun Photo Friday: Badass Female Scottish 1900s Rock Climbers

scottish women rock climbers 1900s

(All the credit for this amazing photo and story goes to Edinburgh Live.) This Friday's Fun Photo shows members of the Ladies' Scottish Climbing Club wearing--well, as you can see--the immensely practical and athletic clothing worn by all women in the they climb a rock face. See that rope around their waists? That was … Continue reading Fun Photo Friday: Badass Female Scottish 1900s Rock Climbers

Excerpt: On the Ferry

Today's Book Launch Week excerpt has our Horseshoes and Hand Grenades narrators Shelby and Astrid on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard for a summer weekend. Our two heroes are joined by their good friend Tina, who doesn't get much attention in snippets about the book, but is a very important figure in the lives of … Continue reading Excerpt: On the Ferry