How to Add a Book to a Goodreads List

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Those of you who use Goodreads to find your next book are probably familiar with the site’s Lists. These are reader-selected collections of books on similar themes. So there are lists on everything from New Horror for Your Halloween Reading to one of my favorites, YA Books About Performing Arts.

(That list is one of my favorites because I started the list, and it includes my three Bit Players novels, which are set in a high school drama club. There are nearly 100 books on the list now, making me feel like a proud parent.)

But if you’re not a regular adder of books to lists, it can be a little confusing figuring out how to “vote” a book onto a list. Votes also move books up the list.

Add a Book to a Goodreads List in 7 Easy Steps

Here are simple instructions on how to add a book to a Goodreads list:

1 – Sign into your Goodreads account.

2 – At the top, click on the Browse dropdown menu and choose Lists.

3 – On the right, enter your search criteria in the “Search lists” box (not to be confused with the “Search books” box at the top of the page). Your criteria can be a theme or topic, or the actual name of a list you have in mind. Then click on the Search button.

4 – A list of relevant lists comes up. Click on the name of the list you want to add a book to. (If you’re looking for a particular list and the list of lists is long, you can always do a “Find” on your PC or Mac with the list name to find it faster.)

5 – When the page for the specific list opens up, click on “Add Books To This List” next to “All Votes” – under the list title.

6 – Just under that, to the left, you can choose whether to add books from “My Books” or a Search. If the book you want to add is in your Goodreads books, that may be faster. If not, just choose “Add books from a Search” and enter the book title. Either way, you should see a list of books to choose from.

7 – Find the book cover and title for the book you want. Click on the “Vote For This Book” button next to that book.

That’s it. Adding/voting on books for appropriate lists is a great way to be an active participant in the Goodreads community. So go crazy! Happy voting.

text slide on how to add a book to a goodreads list light green watercolor effect