“Inside and Out” Short Story – Monadnock Underground

unsplash photo man and woman sitting overlooking city at night inside and out short story

My short story Inside and Out has been published by Monadnack Underground, “a journal of thought and spirit”. Here’s a taste of the dark story tracing a college romance–and its disturbing secrets (in the well-put words of Monadnock Underground).

“You can’t break up with me. We’re unbreakable. You said it yourself.”

“I was wrong. Nothing is unbreakable.”

Pain raced through Tamarind’s chest in the wake of her harsh words, wiping out the dull shock she’d felt since the revelation leading to this moment. She gasped and turned away from his accusatory eyes. Break-up concluded, she fled the dorm and rushed back to the house she rented with four other juniors, where she turned to her small array of plants for distraction.

Read Inside and Out here. Trigger warning: Contains somewhat graphic description of a sexual assault.

text over dark city skyline, couple overlooking
Photo credit: Christian Lue, Unsplash.

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