New Release for Historical Fiction Fans

An advance reviewer of Erin’s Children by Eileen O’Finlan says the historical fiction novel is better than biting into premium chocolates — now that is some high praise! The book was recently released and is available where books are sold.

I was lucky enough to hear some parts of Erin’s Children during the manuscript phase. Eileen O’Finlan is a wonderful writer and you will not be disappointed if you dip into one of her books.

Erin’s Children is a sequel to her equally magnificent Kelegeen, which is rated 5 stars on Amazon. Personally, I think Kelegeen has one of the most stunning covers I’ve seen in a while.

One thing that sets O’Finlan’s writing apart from the pack is that the “historical” aspect of her novels does more than provide a few settings; it’s integral to the story. Her painstakingly researched stories are full of rich detail that transport you to another time.

But what, you ask, are these books about?

Kelegeen is the epic story of Meg O’Connor and her family during the Irish Potato Famine. Calling Meg “plucky” is an understatement – she’d have to be to survive the famine!

Meg’s story continues in Erin’s Children — Meg and her sister Kathleen emigrate to the U.S. and secure employment as maids in Central Massachusetts. From there, as the reviewer says, “Several storylines reveal wonderful surprises…”

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And if you want to know more about the chocolates reference I started with, click to read the full review.

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