Fun Friday Photo: The Joy of Reading

cartoon by artist guada on the magic of reading

Thanks to fellow author Jane Risdon for this fun Friday photo on the joy of reading. I unapologetically borrowed this after seeing it on her Facebook page. And thanks and kudos to the artist, Guada. If this doesn't sum up the power of a book to transport us from everyday doldrums to somewhere fantastical, historical, … Continue reading Fun Friday Photo: The Joy of Reading

That Stunning Cover Artwork

screenshot youtube video horseshoes and hand grenades cover art

And now for a little bit of fun: If you love the cover art of my novel Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (as I do!), then you'll like this 16-second video, which pans down the painting, giving you the chance to savor it up close. Credits: Illustrator/artist Natalie Simone. Cover design by Colbie Myles. Cricket soundtrack … Continue reading That Stunning Cover Artwork