A Little Book Problem

Friday Night Drinks on a little book problem blog

This past Friday night, I enjoyed virtual drinks and convo with Julie of the lovely book review blog, A Little Book Problem. She makes a mean vodka gimlet as well as whatever drink that is in the photo! Check out Julie's Friday Night Drinks post to learn about my go-to hangover cure, the sports detail … Continue reading A Little Book Problem

The Global Community of Book Bloggers

Book review bloggers are doing for authors what YouTube has done for musicians: Making it possible for aspiring unknowns to make it big and become well-known, often well-loved artists. Gone are the days when record house and publishing house executives wielded all the power. Today, the people have much of that power, as the Internet … Continue reading The Global Community of Book Bloggers

HAHG Review: “A timely book for the #MeToo age”

amazon review of horseshoes and hand grenades by eileen o'finlan

Authors know that no book appeals to everyone, and that not every reader will enjoy our books. So it's extremely gratifying when a reader "gets it" -- not only enjoying and appreciating the story, but understanding 100% what you were trying to say and why you said it and wrote it the way you did. … Continue reading HAHG Review: “A timely book for the #MeToo age”

#HAHG on Chat About Books

author s.m. stevens on chat about books blog

So grateful to Kerry Parsons for covering Horseshoes and Hand Grenades on her Chat About Books blog, which has been nominated for Best Book Blog in the Annual Bloggers Bash three years running. Kerry published an interview with moi, filled with fun questions like this one: If you wrote an autobiography, what would your title … Continue reading #HAHG on Chat About Books

HAHG Review from Rae’s Reading Lounge

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Many thanks to Rae at Rae's Reading Lounge for reviewing Horseshoes and Hand Grenades on her book blog! Following is an excerpt from her review. You can read her full review here. While you're there, check out her other astute reviews and recommended reading material. She writes: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades┬átells a story in alternating … Continue reading HAHG Review from Rae’s Reading Lounge