Book Giveaway: 15 Copies of “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”

gif showing the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades book on a pedestal against a pink sparkly background

We are conducting a book giveaway contest to clear out inventory of my last novel, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, and make way for the next one—Beautiful and Terrible Things, which is being released by TouchPoint Press very soon. Winners also receive a free novelette and other Bonus Materials. Fifteen copies of the paperback version of … Continue reading Book Giveaway: 15 Copies of “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”

Audiobook Giveaway

I don't exactly have audiobooks coming out of my ears (see what I did there), but I do have 7 free copies of the audiobook version of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades left over from the launch. So I'm giving them away to seven lucky readers/listeners. The audiobook retails for $19.95 USD. If you're not familiar … Continue reading Audiobook Giveaway

15 Free Books Left

We're halfway through the "30 Days of Free Books" COVID-19 program, and there are still many great books in many genres from many amazing authors up for grabs! Entry is free, other than answering 1 quick, multiple-choice question about how the coronavirus has affected your reading habits. The other authors and I thought it … Continue reading 15 Free Books Left

Authors Unite for Free Book Giveaways

program logo 30 days of free books

I couldn't be more excited to announce "30 Days of Free Books" -- a month of free book giveaways to get some literature into the hands of people housebound and sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. The idea for this hit me while reading about all the TV/streaming services offering extended free trials … Continue reading Authors Unite for Free Book Giveaways

Sneak Preview – 30 Days of Free Books

Sneak preview: During this coronavirus crisis, housebound people are turning to streaming services and social media to stay entertained and sane. It's time to get some books into that mix, don't you think? We'll be announcing something special in a day or two. (As you can guess from the title of this post, it has … Continue reading Sneak Preview – 30 Days of Free Books

Book Giveaway Winners

woman red shirt holding tablet book cover horseshoes and hand grenades

Congrats to the winners of the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades giveaway contest on Book Briefs -- Dana S. and Cassandra D.! They'll soon be holding their own copies of my New Adult #MeToo book, displayed in this photo by my own Vanna White imposter. 😁  The giveaway was part of my recently completed Blog Tour, from which I'm … Continue reading Book Giveaway Winners

HAHG Blog Tour: Day 2

Day 2 of the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Blog Tour takes us to Review Tales by Jeyran Main in Canada, which published an article by yours truly about why I delved into the sticky world of #MeToo with this novel; and to Book Briefs here in the U.S., which published an author interview and is … Continue reading HAHG Blog Tour: Day 2

Rutland Author Fair Coming Nov. 2

rutland author fair books by local authors collage

I don't blog about every author event I do, but the Rutland Author Fair promises to be something special, so I wanted to share. Those of you in the Rutland, Mass., area, please take note. Better yet, tell your friends. And best of all, be sure to come! The free Author Fair is Saturday, November … Continue reading Rutland Author Fair Coming Nov. 2